new rose






Visual Design

new look for new rose

As part of a course on branding strategy I created a new brand identity concept for a tattoo shop in Portland. I purposely chose New Rose Tattoo because their digital presence was dated and lacked any kind of defining or memorable personality.

the assessment

I started by going through the New Rose Tattoo (NRT) site to get a better idea of how information was organized and the current visual presence NRT was displaying to their customer base. I wanted to develop a more concrete identity and give users more of an 'experience' while better understanding who New Rose is and what they do. 

new identity

connection to artists

UX goals

updated navigation


information overhaul

clean + minimalist



brand identity

A look at the imagery, color palette, typefaces, and concept that influenced NRT's rebrand.

I chose a mixture of floral imagery and tasteful portraiture to give NRT an upscale, personalized feel that would set the tone for their online presence.

I wanted to create a continuous look and feel for NRT where everything from the logo to business cards and store merch remained elegant, refined, and clean.

opening animation





info in all the right places

NRT's current site uses a single page design with information placed in a singular, continuous column that requires endless amounts of scrolling. I chose to create a simple navigation that would break up content into four areas that users could easily move between. By organizing information into sections and only showing relevant content as needed, the site becomes instantly more accessible and customers are less likely to feel frustrated or overwhelmed by how information is presented.


in full bloom

The finished product for NRT's digital presence includes an understated opening animation, smooth transitions, and clean lines that create a refined experience for users.

I created a larger navigation menu along the left side of the page that helped to organize information in an approachable way while also providing opportunities for additional content.

I wanted more emphasis to be placed on the artists and what they bring to the table. I created a way to highlight information about each artist and include their social platforms/contact info so viewers have all the information they need.

new rose in your hand

I wanted NRT's mobile site to be as functional and easy to navigate as the desktop version. Using a simplistic pop out menu I was able to keep navigation simple while affording more room to the imagery and information New Rose has to offer.